Alaïa est une organisation qui a comme but de créer et gérer des centres de sports d'action.

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Our mission

Our mission is to make surfing and other action sports accessible to all Swiss residents by designing and managing first class action sports centers.

Practised for centuries by the Kings of the Hawaiian Islands, surfing was observed for the first time by Westerners in the middle of the 18th century. More than a sport, it is a spiritual connection with the ocean.

Skateboarding, as we know it today was born around the 50’s as surfers tried to find an occupation while the sea was flat.

Snowboarding is a sport that took birth in the 60’s when a crazy engineer created the ‘snurfer’, a mono-ski without bindings that you could ride like a surfboard.

Wakeboarding, formerly called skurfing, is a sport which developed during the 80s, following the arrival of snowboarding. It is also an evolution of wakesurf: when surfers would get pulled behind a boat.

BMX was born in the 70s, when some Californian kids started riding their bikes on dirt terrain to imitate motocross superstars.

In the 90s, freestyle skiers were feeling too limited by FIS rules and decided to give free rein to their creativity in snowparks, only used back then by snowboarders.

The Trampoline was invented by the Yetis in the 10’s, when they felt the sudden urge to touch the stars.

Mountain biking (MTB) developed when a cyclist missed a bend on a mountain road. He very quickly realized that it was way cooler, off-piste.

Gymnastics appeared during the release of the first 'Terminator', before taking another dimension when Arnold Schwazenegger became governor of California.

Two projects

At the moment, we are working on two projects of action-sport centers in Central Valais. The Alaïa Chalet (2016-2017) as well as the Alaïa Campus (2018-2019). Both complexes will be unique and will guarantee you unlimited access to diverse indoor and outdoor action sports all year round in any kind of weather and for reasonable prices.

Alaïa Chalet 2017


Aménagement extérieur Chalet

Alaïa Campus 2018-2019

Valais central

Alaïa Campus valais central
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The Team

The same vision and the same passions.

Adam Bonvin Alaïa Founder
Adam Bonvin
Romain Magnin Alaïa Founder
Romain Magnin
Marc-Antoine Burgener Alaïa Founder
Marc-Antoine Burgener
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What’s an alaia ?

The alaias were the first surfboards cut from Locust tree and Koa wood by Hawaiians and Polynesians in the 1900’s. This is the origin of surfing and other sliding sports.

These alaias could sometimes be up to 4 meters in height and allowed the Hawaiians to take waves of any size. We will soon have the possibility to offer real alaias made out of Swiss wood and shaped directly in Switzerland.

Alaïa Surf Board
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